Dr. Ravi Rajamani

Dr. Ravi Rajamani,Independent Consultant, Cranfield University, U.K.

Dr. Ravi Rajamani is an independent consultant who has accumulated many years of experience in the area of aerospace propulsion and energy, specifically in data analytics and model-based methods for controls, diagnostics, and prognostics. He has three books to his name including Electric Flight Technology: The Unfolding of a New Future, published by SAE International Press; many book chapters, journal and conference papers, and patents. Prior to his current job, Ravi worked at Meggitt, United Technologies Corporation, and the General Electric Company. He has a BTech from IITD, an MS from IISc, a PhD from University of Minnesota, and an MBA from University of Connecticut. He is active within various SAE technical committees dealing with PHM and electric propulsion. He is also active in the PHM Society, serving on its board of directors. Ravi is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University and he is the current editor-in-chief of the SAE International Aerospace Journal. He has been elected a
fellow of SAE International and of IMechE in the UK. In 2018 he received SAE’s Forest R. McFarland Award.

Subject: The Growth and Importance of Standards In PHM Including The Use of New Digital Technologies

Many aerospace companies (and research organizations) are developing prognostics and health management (PHM) technologies to support their aftermarket business. As these capabilities become more prevalent, there is a need to go beyond deriving just economic benefits and actually look at how they can afford maintenance credits as well. The need for standards becomes evident in furthering this goal. In this talk Dr. Ravi Rajamani will discuss the role of standards for aerospace systems and how they relate to regulations. Digital system are also becoming very common, and there is an increasing effort around the world to develop standards to provide guidance on their use. New technologies, such as Blockchain, are being incorporated, and this talk will discuss how they can be used in aviation in a safe and systematic manner.

Subject: A Brief History of the Electric Aircraft
Dr. Ravi Rajamani will talk about the history of electric propulsion, what is its current state, and where it is headed. He will discuss the different architectures and the underlying technologies that constitute electric propulsion. These technologies are making progress but is this progress rapid enough to justify the enormous enthusiasm that this industry is generating? It is not clear that the business case for this technology is evident, especially in light of the many barriers that exist. This talk will be based Dr. Rajamani’s recent book, published by SAE International, called “Electric Flight Technology: The Unfolding of a New Future.”